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MyRealWay innovation in healthcare and in improving technologies and products.

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With the new solutions that combine science and industry, we seek and offer internal resources to improve the human body. We develop scientific, affordable technologies that extend people’s lives.

Peptides and peptide complexes for a healthy lifestyle
Preserving youth and creativity, improving the quality of life and prolonging human life – this is the main strategy of the International Alliance “MyRealWay”. MyRealWay creates innovative products and offers a reliable and effective way to active longevity for everyone.
The international alliance MyRealWay consists of scientific, research organizations, production and trade companies, medical and wellness centers united by one goal – development, production, evaluation of the effectiveness of implementation, design of combined programs for disease prevention and premature aging, and sales of unique products to increase health resources and promote timely recovery of the body. The alliance is currently composed of national companies from Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

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