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The look of our nails reveal much about our personality, health and hygiene. After all, who would not want to have perfectly shaped and healthy nails? Nails that speak about self-respect and high levels of hygiene. To achieve that however, you need to give your nails the necessary care. Otherwise, you will easily end up having brittle and repulsive nails which is a big no-no.

In the following article we are going to make you acquainted with several proven tips for healthy nails. Follow our advice and you will soon be a proud owner of beautifully looking nails which will attract the attention of your friends and will gain their admiration. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to maintain strong and healthy nails?

Providing your nails with regular care, including the right cosmetic products for healthy nails, will inevitably result in strong and nicely looking nails, which you will be proud to take to your work or out for a dinner. Having an adequate nail care regime is actually more simple and more inexpensive than you might think. How you may ask?!

Below are 3 tips for healthy nails that will equip you with all the needed information for a glamorous hand look. Make these tips part of your weekly care and we promise you that you will not need much of a professional intervention or frequent expensive manicures.

1. For healthy nails use a brush

Cleaning your nails rigorously with long or pointy tools is a sure way for catching an infection or causing an unpleasant damage. Often, this incorrect way of care has been found to be a prerequisite for developing a gap between the nail and the nail bed underneath. This in turn further contributes to an unappealing look and scruffy nails.

And this is not all. Such an aggressive intervention could lead to the formation of various bacteria or fungi. As you can imagine, this is a real nightmare for every self respecting lady. This is why, if you wish to enjoy strong and healthy nails, you should scrub them gently using an old-fashioned brush.

2. Keep the dishwashing gloves close by

The frequent immersion of your nails in hot or soapy water during dishwashing can lead to weak and brittle nails. The main reason being is the drying nature of the process which could be particularly damaging to your lovely nails.

Therefore, the specialists in the field recommend the constant use of dishwashing gloves, whenever you need to engage in such activities. This way, you will not only maintain healthy nails, but you will also protect the skin of your hands. As simple as that!

3. Use the right cosmetic care for healthy nails

As much as our nails look strong, they are actually quite tender and require adequate maintenance. That includes appropriate cosmetic products and supplements for healthy nails, that are friendly to our nails.

The nail beauty market is full of products for healthy nails, but not all will do the job they are supposed to. For that reason, before you opt in for one, make sure you do your homework and do it well. Always buy from an established online seller that has long-lasting traditions in the field. Never settle for less!

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