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ACM Novophane Chronic hair loss 100 ml



ACM Novophane Chronic hair loss 100 ml, Lotion against chronic hair loss, for men and women.

Novophane is a series of easy-to-use products for healthy hair and highlights. The ACM Novophane range contains a solution for every problem: oily or oily hair, dry hair, dandruff, damaged hair, hair loss. Therefore, Novophane is suitable both for healthy hair, to preserve its beauty, and for recurrent and allegedly difficult to treat problems.

ACM Novophane Chronic Hair Loss Chronic Hair Loss Lotion:

Leave-in lotion.
Affects chronic hair loss,
Light and non-sticky texture.
Does not make the hair greasy.
Recommended use of 3 months.
Suitable for men and women.
Active ingredients: NovoDensyl - polyphenols from larch, green tea catechins (antioxidants), zinc, glycine, oleic acid, apigenin, biotin. All of them activate the stem cells in the hair follicles, for faster and lasting hair growth.
In a package of 100 ml.
Manufacturer: France.

Application method:
The lotion is applied once a day (5-6 sprays) to clean, dry or wet hair (without washing), for a period of 3 months. It is rubbed into the desired areas with moderately intense massaging movements. This lotion has a light and non-sticky texture that does not make the hair greasy.

Caution: Do not spray into the eyes! Remove the protective cap before use!


Like our skin, our hair and nails are the mirror of our health and as such they deserve our full attention. An unbalanced diet, hormonal disturbances or simply stress can lead to brittle, thin or greasy hair, along with brittle nails. Choose from our range of products that will restore tone and vitality to your hair. The Novophane range also covers the restoration and beauty of brittle and brittle nails, with a blended nutritional supplement for hair and nails.

ACM Anti-Chronic Hair Loss Lotion will help you get healthy and beautiful hair! Easy to use - no-rinse formula!

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