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Bepanthen Ointment


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Bepanthen Ointment

Your baby's skin is gentle, sensitive and considerably thinner than the skin of adults. So baby's skin tends more often to redness and numerous infections.
What is Bepanthen?
your baby's skin is soft and sensitive and needs to be safe and gentle product to care for her and protect her.
Bepanthen is a delicate product that can be used at every diaper change. It is suitable for very sensitive skin, including that of premature babies because they do not contain fragrances, preservatives, coloring agents or antiseptics.
Bepanthen is created based on dexpanthenol - provitamin B5. This speeds up the natural process of regeneration of the skin, contributing to a rapid recovery.
Bepanthen is an oil for topical application, containing 60% lipid substances. They create a protective layer that protects the skin from subsequent contact with irritants and dehydration.
How to use Bepanthen?
To open the tube at first use, put the cap back on and turn it. Spread tochistenata and dry skin with a generous coating Bepanthen and rub with light movements. Bepanthen absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. You can use Bepanthen every day, as often as you need.
Keep the tube tightly closed and away from heat sources.

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