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Eros – For a Strong and Long-Lasting Erection 10 sachets



EROS For a strong and long-lasting erection.

Eros is a food supplement with an all-natural composition that supports sexual function and has a beneficial effect on libido. The product is available in the form of liquid sachets for direct intake, with a pleasant chocolate taste.


Supports blood circulation and improves erection;
It has a beneficial effect on the libido;
Provides more energy and stamina;

The product can be taken both prophylactically and for erectile dysfunction. Regular intake of food supplement Eros can improve sexual function and libido.


10 sachets x 10 ml / 10 daily doses.

Eros is a nutritional supplement specially developed to support the male reproductive system and in particular sexual function and libido. The natural composition of the product distinguishes it from most of the available stimulants for men without any health hazards*

It can be taken daily as a preventive measure to improve sexual function in men;
In case of decreased libido and erectile dysfunction;
For greater pleasure and endurance;
In order to increase the quantity and quality of spermatozoa;
To increase testosterone levels;
The product is available in the form of liquid sachets for direct intake (1 dose per day) and is a combination of herbal extracts with a proven beneficial effect on libido and erectile function.

Tribulus Terrestris (Granny's Tooth) - Improves libido and stimulates testosterone production. It is considered to be one of the most effective herbs for male potency and sexual potency. According to some studies, regular intake of Tribulus terrestris can increase the amount of seminal fluid, as well as have a beneficial effect on the quality and mobility of sperm.
Maca - Recommended for erectile dysfunction, reduced reproductive capacity and difficulty reaching orgasm. Charges the body with more energy.
Ginseng - Increases energy levels, vitality and physical endurance.
Beta glucan from oats - has a tonic effect on the whole organism, reduces cholesterol levels.
Ginkgo biloba - Beneficial for stress, fatigue and sexual dysfunction. According to some studies, the herb increases nitric oxide in the body, which allows better blood flow to the genitals.
Nettle - Helps stimulate erection. They contribute to the increase of free testosterone in the body.
Ginger - Improves blood circulation, supports reproductive function.
Royal jelly - A natural product affecting blood circulation. Dilates blood vessels and improves erection.

Daily dose 1 sachet per day.
Contents in package 10 sachets x 10ml / 10 daily doses (100 ml.

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