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Liverin Milk thistle seed extract 60 tablet


Liverin Milk thistle seed extract 60 tablet, Milk thistle extract contributes to the normal condition and functioning of the liver.

Physiological effects:
St. John's wort (Silybum marianum) from the Mediterranean is a beautiful plant with purple inflorescences. It belongs to the Asteraceae family of composite plants. Previously, the Latin name for the St. John's wort was Carduus marianus.
The ripe seeds of St. John's wort contains its active ingredients, several compounds belonging to the group of flavonolignans, collectively known as silymarin. Most of them are silybin (48 mg / tablet) and it also has the most significant effects.
St. John's wort has been known for its effect on the liver for more than 2,000 years. In the Middle Ages, it was used to increase the secretion of milk, from which the plant's English name milk thistle originated.
However, the effects of St. John's wort is mainly associated with the liver and it is recommended to protect the liver and to support and enhance liver function.
Silymarin protects the liver in many ways, such as against damage caused by alcohol, medicines and other chemicals. Silymarin increases the production of glutathione, which is our body's most important antioxidant and stabilizes the liver's cell membranes and thereby minimizes cell damage.
Silymarin stimulates the metabolism of liver cells and also affects insulin resistance by improving the insulin sensitivity of liver cells. Poor appetite and fatigue may be due to the liver. In this case, milk thistle cure may be helpful.
One Liverin tablet contains 200 mg of milk thistle seed extract, of which 160 mg is silymarin. 200 mg of milk thistle seed extract equals 5000 mg of dried milk thistle seeds. Liverin tablets are recommended to be taken as a 2-month course.

Ingredients in the daily dose of 1 tablet:

milk thistle extract (Silybum marianum) – 200mg, which contains

silymarin – 160mg, equivalent to 5000mg of dried seeds of the plant


It does not contain yeast, lactose, gluten and sweeteners. The product is suitable for vegans.


Recommended daily dose:

1 tablet daily

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